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Sheboygan County's Wages are the 2nd Fastest Growing in the State

Posted by on May 9, 2019 at 7:32 PM | 0 Comments

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SHEBOYGAN COUNTY, WI (WHBL) - Sheboygan County's wages were the 2nd fastest growing in the state of Wisconsin. That's according to the Quarterly Census of Employment & Wages from the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.

Officials say total wages produced in Sheboygan County increased by 16.7%, which is a number that includes both increases in employment as well as individual wages.

Census officials say the availability of opportunity has grown in Sheboygan County faster than most other populous counties in the state. As a result, they say the area's buying power has dramatically increased making it easier for area companies to thrive.

In recent years, Sheboygan County has been noted by several publications for its availability of jobs and modest cost of living.