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Electric Service Providers in Sheboygan County
Sheboygan County has four competing electrical service providers.  Two are public-owned utilities and two are private. The County also boasts over twenty sub-stations and multiple high-voltage power transmission lines.  In addition, there are two power plants in the county.  These conditions not only allows for completion, but many options for duplicate power.   

  1. Alliant Energy
  2. WE Energies (Wisconsin Electric Power Company)
  3. Plymouth Utility (WPPI or ATC)
  4. Sheboygan Falls Utility

Click here to view a map of electric service areas.  

Power Generation
Edgewater Generating Station, the flagship plant of Alliant Energy, is a base load, coal fired, electrical power station located in Sheboygan, which provides electricity for customers in the northeastern part of Alliant Energy’s Wisconsin Power & Light service area, along with service to several local municipal utilities. Generation Capacity:  812 mw. 

Alliant Energy also owns a 295 mw natural gas power station in Sheboygan Falls.

Transmission Lines
Overhead transmission lines are owned by American Transmission Company (ATC); there are three 345 kV lines, three 138 kV lines, and one 69 kV line serving Sheboygan County. Click here to view a map of ATC transmission lines.


Electric Utility Service Territory Map
Boundaries May Not Be Exact