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Johnson School Bus Service Goes Solar with Arch Electric Solar

Posted by on August 15, 2018 at 10:14 AM | 0 Comments

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Johnson School Bus Service, founded in 1942, is headquartered in West Bend and strives to provide the safest, most efficient service possible. Steve Johnson - President, explained how their investment in solar has been a money-maker, “We’re getting reimbursed (paid) for the solar energy we generate and send back to the grid, which makes the solar experience with Arch Electric one of the best investments we have ever made. If you are a Plymouth utility or WPPI customer and can benefit from solar, you need to carefully consider it. We are very pleased with our solar system from Arch Electric Solar”.

The installation of solar is one part of Johnson Bus Service’s greater plan to reduce their environmental footprint overall. The company has also overhauled their lighting to more energy efficient LEDs, traded in buses for more fuel-effective models, and is taking measures to find more inefficiencies.

Johnson added, “We have also purchased eight propane buses, to be used at our Beaver Dam location, to start using less fossil fuels. We have purchased GPS units to be used in our buses that allow us to track idling times. We try to educate our drivers that idling is unnecessary, and a waste of fuel; that in the end, is an expense to us and the school district.”

As a matter of fact, all WPPI Energy customers have the same opportunity! Arch Electric Solar is passionate about solar energy and views it as a key factor for the future of power generation. Mike Cornell, Energy Consultant with Arch Electric Solar, commented, “When you install solar and produce electricity, it is the same as a power plant that burns coal or gas, providing the same output. The difference is that solar doesn’t pollute or require any fossil fuel. It just works.”

Arch Electric is a full-service Electrical Contractor and Photovoltaic Solar Expert from Plymouth Wisconsin, servicing the greater SE Wisconsin area since 2003. Arch Electric Solar’s team of energy-certified experts and master electricians is prepared to perform residential, commercial, and industrial solar projects, designed for maximum efficiency and return on investment.
Arch is considered the preeminent provider of Solar in Wisconsin, with over 5 Megawatts of installations in their portfolio. Their portfolio encompasses residential and commercial rooftop systems, pole mount and tracking systems, large and small ground mounts, and flat wall systems.

For more information, contact: Mike Cornell, 262.337.1343,