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Lakeland Supply to add 175 kW Solar System to new Pewaukee building

Posted by on August 30, 2018 at 10:39 AM | 0 Comments

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Plymouth, WI – August 24, 2018, Lakeland Supply, Inc. has contracted for a 175 kW rooftop solar system with Arch Electric Solar of Plymouth, WI. for their new building at N17 W25081 Bluemound Rd in Pewaukee, WI.  The entire project will take less than 4 weeks to complete and will be the largest solar project to date in the City of Pewaukee.

The project will include over 490 solar panels and generate over 200,000-kilowatt hours of electricity per year.  Lakeland obtained a Renewable Energy Commercial Incentive (RECIP) grant that will cover almost 20% of the upfront cost of the investment.  Larry Schmidt Jr. is the CFO of Lakeland.  “We anticipate the solar energy produced during the sun exposure days will offset most of the overall electric bills.  We’ve doubled our size, and yet, we believe our energy consumption will be the same or less than our previous plant, so the solar factor allows us to have reduced costs in consideration of future expansion.  The numbers work” said Schmidt.

Arch Electric Solar is designing the system for the flat roof of the new building.  Mike Cornell is the lead Energy Consultant at Arch.  “Solar, in this case, adds less than 4 lbs./sq.ft., with no roof penetrations, so our engineering has calculated the impact of that with the racking, design, and roofing engineers to arrive at this solution.  It’s going to be a great and wonderful system, offsetting tons of carbon emissions yearly.”  In addition, Arch provided several opportunities for managing energy consumption, including battery charging options for the often used electric forklifts.  “Energy management is an important component of the solar decision.  Getting facility operation habits in line with the opportunities for solar powered energy makes a lot of sense” according to Cornell.

The solar system will be completed in October and generate an estimated energy savings of over $30,000 per year, offsetting over 61% of the anticipated energy usage of the new facility.

Arch Electric is a highly respected Solar Energy company in Wisconsin, growing Solar since 2003.  Our company leaders are active instructors, inspectors, and consultants to several renewable energy groups including Focus on Energy, Midwest Renewable Energy Association, Renew Wisconsin, North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, Lakeshore Technical College, Milwaukee Shines, Sheboygan Sustainable Living Group, and many others.  Arch Electric is a member of Amicus Solar Co-op, a U.S. Solar Co-op of 50 members nationwide. (
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