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Sheboygan County joins municipalities nationwide to increase awareness of jobs and career development programs that enhance local economic impact

Sheboygan County (May 3, 2018) Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation (SCEDC) is participating in National Economic Development Week; this year’s recognition will run from May 6-10, 2018. National Economic Development Week (NEDW) was created and is coordinated by The International Economic Development Council (IEDC), the largest professional membership organization for economic developers. It is being held during the week of the organization’s 92nd anniversary as the largest professional membership organization for economic developers. 

Typically, economic development can be described in terms of objectives. These most commonly include the creation of jobs and wealth, and the improvement of quality of life. IEDC specifically defines economic development as “a set of programs and policies that aid in the creation, retention and expansion of jobs; the development of a stable tax base; and the enhancement of wealth.”

“We are excited that SCEDC will be participating in National Economic Development Week,” noted director Dane Checolinski .It is both a great way to acknowledge the private and public investment that allows us to deliver our scope of services that includes Workforce Development, Attraction Marketing, Entrepreneurial Development and Non-traditional finance.” SCEDC’s mission is concentrated on achieving county-wide economic development initiatives.

Here is an outline of the week’s events:
Sunday, May 6: Sheboygan Press: Sheboygan County Administrator Adam Payne, “Why Economic Development is important” 

Monday, May 7: WHBL Radio: SCEDC Director Dane Checolinski will be live 8:40AM discussing “Economic Development, Programs, Misconceptions, and Trends.”

Tuesday, May 8: Sheboygan Press: Sheboygan Mayor Mike Vandersteen, “Innovation and Trends in our Area.”

Wednesday, May 9: Sheboygan Press: “Masters Gallery—creating, retaining, and expanding in our backyard.”

Thursday, May 10: Sheboygan Press: SCEDC Director Dane Checolinski on “Success through partnerships, changing times of economic development.”

To wrap the week, the public is invited to an economic development week closing celebration at 3 Sheeps Brewery for conversation promoting equity and inclusion from our investors and the community. Interested parties can register here.

Community events can be found on Facebook @SheboyganCountyEDC and the Sheboygan Press.

2018 will be the third consecutive year that National Economic Development Week was coordinated by IEDC. More than 75 communities participated in the 2016 campaign. In 2017, 170 communities and 188 organizations across North America created campaigns.  In 2017, dozens of elected officials at the city, county and state level officially proclaimed the celebration week, including three U.S. governors across their entire states. These included Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado, Governor Greg Abbot of Texas and Governor Matt Mead of Wyoming. Principal Chief Bill John Baker of Cherokee Nation also signed a resolution. Dozens of cities, counties, parishes and provinces signed proclamations across the U.S. and Canada last year. Mayor Bob Buckhorn of City of Tampa, FL, Mayor Byron W. Brown of Buffalo, NY and Mayor Gale Katchur of Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, CA are a few that signed city resolutions.  The United States Economic Development Administration (EDA) also issued a statement commemorating Economic Development Week. 

In the broadest sense, economic development encompasses three major areas: 

Policies that government undertakes to meet broad economic objectives including inflation control, high employment and sustainable growth. 

Policies and programs to provide services including building highways, managing parks and providing medical access to the disadvantaged. 

Policies and programs explicitly directed at improving the business climate through specific efforts, business finance, marketing, neighborhood development, business retention and expansion, technology transfer, real estate development and others.

“This national event keeps growing because it has helped economic development practitioners share their community’s unique story, and highlight details of their role in jobs creation in their community. Millions of impressions are created online and in print during National Economic Development Week, and it’s all for the greater good. At the end of the day, we should be able to show how lives are enhanced as a result of economic development. One of this year’s official Hashtags is #QualityOfLife and it’s incredibly befitting! –Craig Richard, CEcD FM, President and CEO, Tampa Hillsborough Economic Development Corporation –Tampa, FL and IEDC 2018 Board Chair. 

“National Economic Development Week has taken on a life of its own, and I am pleased to see and participate in a third consecutive year. Last year’s response from cities, counties, communities and organizations more than doubled the first year! It’s exciting to watch our peers rally for the practice and profession.”  -Barry Matherly, CEcD, FM, President of the Greater Richmond Partnership, IEDC’s 2016 Board Chair, and initiator of Economic Development Week.


About the SCEDC: We work directly with local businesses and companies looking to invest in Sheboygan County. Our mission is to remove barriers to growth for these firms and help them make informed strategic decisions. We provide direct services in the areas of alternative business finance, location consulting, and workforce development. In addition to a full-time, professional staff, we draw on the vast experience and knowledge of local business executives and community leaders that make up our Board of Directors. We help our clients make expansion and investment decisions quickly, based on accurate, timely information. #SomeplaceBetter

About National Economic Development Week: Economic Development Week is an event created by the International Economic Development Council to celebrate economic development and the achievements of economic developers. The event will occur for the third time from May 7-12, 2018. Communities and organizations may find celebration planning materials and resources, including an updated Toolkit at Official 2018 hashtags are: #EDW2018 #EconDevWeek #QualityofLife

About the International Economic Development Council

The International Economic Development Council (IEDC) is a non-profit membership organization serving economic developers. With more than 5,000 members, IEDC is the largest organization of its kind. Economic developers promote economic well-being and quality of life for their communities, by creating, retaining and expanding jobs that facilitate growth, enhance wealth and provide a stable tax base. From public to private, rural to urban, and local to international, IEDC’s members are engaged in the full range of economic development