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  • Sheboygan County, WI

    How does a community of 115,000 turn heads?

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  • Rail Accessibility

    Others abandon rail, we rebuild it. Eleven new miles of rail under construction connecting two business parks to the national distribution network.

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  • Attract Young Professionals

    A powerful recruitment tool to help you sell Sheboygan County to attract top talent.

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  • The Promise of Sheboygan County

    Our promise is that your company can simply, Do More. Sheboygan County has urban amenities with a rural work ethic. Learn how these factors combine into fuel for an innovative manufacturing economy.

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  • Jobs

    Earn the money to live the life you want.

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Non-Traditional Finance

When your financial institution says they cannot help you, where can you turn?

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Finding Real Estate

Search for commercial property in Sheboygan County

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Workforce Development

Resources to help you attract, retain and train top employees.

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The Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation is a countywide private/public partnership, leading economic development efforts to improve the economic wellbeing and long-term prosperity of the businesses, residents, and communities of Sheboygan County, through collaborative retention, expansion, and attraction efforts for business and employment development.