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Sheboygan County Grew by $500 Million

Posted by on December 26, 2018 at 1:33 PM | 0 Comments

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Sheboygan, Wis. – The Wisconsin Department of Revenue released statements of changes in equalized values for 2017 growth. These records are used to determine property taxes across the state and provide insight into regional economies.

Equalized real estate value in the State of Wisconsin grew by 5% edged out by Sheboygan County at 6%. 1/3rd of the change in real-estate value was the result of new construction while the bulk was the result of real-estate appreciation.

In Sheboygan County commercial and industrial construction accounted for most of all new construction. Major differences between the State of Wisconsin and Sheboygan County’s increases in real-estate value are:

  • New manufacturing construction was nearly double in Sheboygan County than statewide. 
  • New residential real estate growth accounted for only 40% of Sheboygan County's new construction as compared to ~50% statewide.

Economic growth across Sheboygan County was not unilateral in 2017. The following municipalities new construction grew by their respective amounts, outpacing or matching the County’s average of 2%:

7% - Town of Sheboygan Falls

5% - Village of Oostburg

4% - Village of Waldo

3% - Town of Sherman

3% - City of Plymouth

2% - City of Sheboygan Falls

2% - City of Sheboygan

2% - Village of Howards Grove

2% - Village of Glenbeulah

2% - Village of Elkhart Lake

2% - Village of Adell

2% - Town of Wilson

2% - Town of Mosel

Growth in equalized assessed value shadows leading Sheboygan County firm expansions. The Town of Sheboygan Fall’s growth was driven by Johnsonville’s new Global Headquarters while Waldo State Bank built a beautiful new facility in the Village of Waldo.   

Only the Village of Howards Grove’s growth was driven by residential real-estate development. In fact, only three of twenty-nine municipalities in Sheboygan County outpaced the state residential new construction rate; the Village of Howards Grove, Village of Oostburg and the Town of Sherman.


Department of Revenue Data can be found at: